Thursday, 8 November 2012

31p cheesey broccolli soup

Hey, my greatest apologies for not posting for 2 weeks, but I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!

Hope this recipe makes up for it, good for you and delicious, enjoy!

Makes 6 large servings. £1.88, 31p per serving

1. Defrost broccolli  (1/2 pack)in pan of hot water
2.Meanwhile fry off 1 onion and garlic dot in 2 Tbsp oil till

3.Add brocolli, 2 stock cubes and 1 litres water

4.Once brocolli is tender (10-15 min), remove from head and

blend before adding :

100g skimmed milk powder
60g Instant mash
50g Hard cheese

5. season to taste with salt and pepper and serve

Shopping list

Tesco Everyday  Stock Cubes £0.10 £0.02
Tesco Everyday Value Broccoli 907G £1.00 £0.50
Dorot 20 Cubes Crushed Garlic 80G £1.50 £0.07
Tesco Cooking Onions 1Kg £1.00 £0.10
Tesco Everyday Value  Oil £1.29 £0.04
Tesco Everyday Value Mash 120G £0.20 £0.10
Tesco Everyday Value Dried Milk 454G £1.15 £0.25
Sainsbury’s Basics Hard Cheese 250g £2.78 £0.55

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