Tuesday, 2 October 2012

15p cream tea

This past Sunday my housemates and I threww a "tea party" to celebrate my lovely friend Jenny's birthday. Despite it being a little impromptu, my housemate Ellie and I took the opportunity to make scones here's the recipe:

Makes 8/9 medium scones - bake at 200C for 10-12 min

1. In a mixing bowl, using  finger tips, combine the following until there are mostly pea sized lumps:

250g flour
40g cooking margarine (cold)

2. Add the following and stir gently

40g sugar
2 1/2 tsp baking powder (12.5g)
1 egg (beaten)
pinch of salt

3. Add the milk slowly till a soft dough consistency is attained, you may need to add a little more or less milk depending on the flour so add slowly. if it gets sticky at a little extra flour. 

80 ml milk (any, cold)

4.  turn out on work surface using:

20g flour to roll out

This prevents the dough from sticking while you gently kneed it to form a consistent textured dough. when you have (3/4 kneads) this pat gently into 2.5cm thick sheet.

5. cut out with a glass, recombining and patting out when necessary.

again, handle the dough as little as possible
do not turn or twist (this will prevent them from rising properly)
try and cut as many out of the first sheet as possible (re-rolled scones will be slightly less awesome)

6. place on a lightly greased baking sheet, about 2cm apart.glaze with 20ml milk to glaze top (cold) using a pastry brush,or the back of a spook

7. bake at 200C for 10-12 min or until light golden brown

8. allow to cool on a wire rack ( i use the grill rack sometimes)

Now for the really yummy part:

I am sorry to say I do not have magical powers to reduce the cost of cream. Clotted cream is obviously the best, but thick double cream is similar in consistency and alot less expensive. 

Consider this for a housemate tea, that way you won't have to pay for and then not eat a whole load of cream. 

Here are your best options atm:

Langage Farm Clotted Cream 400g - £2.79 (£0.70/100g)
Tesco Extra Thick Double Cream 600ml - £1.70 (£0.28/100ml)
(2 for £1.70 - offer ends 27/11/12)

As for the Jam, Tesco value stawberry jam is GREAT and 35p 
(but avoid the mixed fruit, it really isn't worth saving the 6p/jar)

It's all about STARVING STUDENT SURVIVAL! - Mags, x

Cost breakdown for the Cream tea
scone                              5p 
2 Tbsp thick cream    9p 
           clotted                21p
3 tsp Jam                        1p

Nutritional info (Per Scone)
Calories  177
carbs 29
Fat 4
Protein        5

Shopping list

Tesco Creamfield Semi Skim 4 Pint 2.272L £1.00 £0.04
Tesco Baking Powder 170G                               £0.99 £0.07
Tesco Everyday Value Eggs Box Of 15           £1.50 £0.10
Tate and lyle Granulated Sugar 1Kg Packet £0.88 £0.04
Tesco Baking Fat 250G                                        £0.55 £0.09
Tesco Everyday Value Plain Flour 1.5Kg      £0.52 £0.08

Tesco Extra Thick Double Cream 600ml £1.70   £0.09
[Langage Farm Clotted Cream 400g            £2.79   £0.21]
Tesco Everyday value strawberry jam £0.35 £0.01

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