Saturday, 29 September 2012

Time budget

Time budgeting

In my introduction I mention a "time budget", this is a concept i use to describe the amount of time it takes to do something vs the pay off.

Take for instance i want to make the 50p lasagne. Sure it will take a good hour to prepare, BUT it makes 12 portions, so really it only takes 5 min. 

2 ways to make the most out of your time:

Reduce the number of days you have to cook

Freeze in portions -  you don't want to be eating the same thing for a week
Share meals - Cooking a meal for housemates/friends, and agree BEFORE that they will cook the rest of the week to balance out your investment.

Multitasking while cooking 

Lots of recipes have down time - marinading, resting in the fridge, setting up, baking, slow cooking ect. This is perfect study time - it's never too long, and there's a yummy reward at the end for your tired brain.

So...Bring down textbook, laptop or your notes and get going. Just remember to set a timer on whatever you're cooking so you don't get so absorbed in working you forget about dinner.

It's all about STARVING STUDENT SURVIVAL! - Mags, x

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