Thursday, 27 September 2012

50p "friend lasagne"

YES you did read that right... 50p LASAGNE

The inspiration for this title, other than comming from the cost of a large portion, comes from my good friend Jenny. She got a new housemate last month who's mum made him a cake to take to uni to help him make friends, calling it "friend cake" ahh bless. So this sunday when  I had some new friends (along with my housemates) over for Lasagne,  i couldn't help but think of it as "friend lasagne"

My recipe and method can be found on :

Cost of 50p per portion is based on using all Tesco everyday value products. If you would like a complete breakdown comment, and i'll be happy to provide it.

Nutritional information calcuated though MyFitnessPal (great app and website)

*per 600g portion.

                                   calories              carbs              fat               protein
"Friend lasagne"       515                 57                   19                29

Comparative options:


Tesco value lasagne       755                86                   33                31
( £1.19 - £1.50 per portion depending size perchased)


Weight watchers           514                 56                   15                37
(£3.34 - £3.50 per portion, lower price is current 3 for £5 offer)

It's all about STARVING STUDENT SURVIVAL! - Mags, x

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