Saturday, 5 May 2012

Welcome to Starving Student Survival

My friends call me Mags, i'm studying Human Bioscience at Plymouth. My main hobby since starting uni seems to be cooking, i suppose because i have to do it anyway and its a good destresser (whether thats kneeding bread or eating cupcakes, lol). You would think a miniscule student budget wouldnt
stretch, but you'd be wrong.

Coming from a big family of foodies, having lived on a limited income at times, and having traveled the world , i've had the opertunity to get creative. i've been putting that knowledge to good use this year keeping costs down with the best housemate ever, but i've noticed other people stuggling. so i'm putting my knowledge to good use, and writting this blog to help everyone spend less money and not starve.

To me budget is paramount, nutrition is vitally important, and time is inevitable. With that in mind i'll be focusing on making the most out of cheap ingredients, while still thinking about your waistlines and "time budget".


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